Personal – what defines me

As a result of my many years of worldwide management experience as a quality manager and certification auditor I can detect very quickly, especially the critical and vital tasks within the various company processes. My open, imaginative manner enables me to achieve extraordinary results in finding active, team-orientated solutions. In doing so, I rely on my broad specialist knowledge and my high level of social competence, which I acquired during my apprenticeship, my secondary education and my versatile long-term experience of management. Prudence, fairness and a healthy self-confidence - reflected in a high level of assertiveness in the results - are furthermore complemented by my more than thirty-five years of experience in traditional Japanese karate which I do as a recreational activity.

Michael G. Eckert


Personal – My experience

More than 25 years of international experience with various hidden champions among corporations that are managed by their owners. I was the head of quality management/quality engineering and quality assurance, as well as consultant and certification auditor of DQS. I worked for companies ranging from 100 employees up to medium-sized businesses with several thousand employees. From extremely price-driven low tech products to absolutely low-backlash high technology gears. From the µ precise clamping device, which has been manufactured individually, to optimized mass production. From the product for everybody to the special microphone for Phil Collins himself.

The Hidden Champions were:

E-mobility, aerospace and medical technology

Portable sprayers for garden, construction and cleaning

High quality industrial switchgears

Microphones, conference technology, headsets and headphones

Superior Clamping and Gripping

The 12 years as Quality Manager at SCHUNK Superior Clamping and Gripping, where I was responsible for all plants worldwide, have certainly had the greatest impact on me. I am especially grateful to Mr. Heinz Dieter Schunk, who challenged and supported me as my direct superior and, above all, gave me the freedom to use some of my extraordinary ideas to make the company group more profitable and successful.

I am particularly proud to have been one of the 10 top managers who helped to develop the vision, the values and the SCHUNK guiding principle "With a pioneering spirit and perfection we set standards worldwide". We developed this in a workshop lasting several days and subsequently successfully applied them in the company group.

Our experience for your success –  easy and pragmatic